Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Load testers wanted ;)

After fighting with memory-leaks in the demo-applications, as well as a concurrency bug in java.awt.EventQueue, cacio-web should be ... almost ... rock solid finally.
Guess AWT simply was never tested with 20+ concurrent sessions ;)

Even if tried already, in case you have some time left, please play arround a bit:

Would be great to see it behaves also well under real-world load :)

Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

SwingSet2 demo online - and focus issues resolved :)

After a coding session last evening with Roman and Mario, we were finally able to sort out the remaining focus issues. Together with some event-handling fixes (no swallowed events anymore) and memory-leaks-plugs (one caused by SwingSet2 itself) I implemented things are coming together quite nicely.

Roman was so kind to host SwingSet2 on his vServer: http://icedrobot.de:9091/SessionInitializer?cls=SwingSet2

Enjoy :)

PS1: No idea wether it can handle the load, at the first announcement it ran out of servlet threads almost immediatly. Update: Ok server overloaded again, please don't leave it open for ages to avoid lurking sessions.
PS2: Keep in mind this was designed for low-latency lines
PS3: It still only supports german keyboards :p